How to customize emails

Hi, I would like to edit the emails that are sent to users when they log in, make reservations, etc., but when I go to HivePress → Emails I see the message “No emails found”.

Can you somehow help me with this situation?

Yeah. Iasked the same question today by email to the developers, did not hear anything back yet.

Apparently you can only see what type of variables you can use in that email after creating a new one , selecting a template and then saving it. No way to see the actual email before changing it! That seems very odd.

I think I figured out the answer to your question:

If you want to edit an email such as the registration confirmation email, password reset email, etc., you have to go to HivepressEmailsAdd New. On the new page, enter the desired title/subject of your e-mail, then choose the right Event at the bottom of the page, and click Save draft in the upper right corner.

Now the editor will be prepopulated with the default template for the respective e-mail type you chose and you can customize it to your liking before publishing it.

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good find, yes saving it as a draft without changing anything gives you the template.

Still weird though, e.g. both WooCommerce and TaskHive have “Order completed” emails. Which one will be used? No settings or info in the email settings page about this…


Yes, this section is for custom emails only, default ones (defined in the code) are sent out anyway. You can use this section to add custom emails that override the default ones.

Once you add a new email and select the email event, you’ll see the available email tokens and the email description.

Please select the email event and save changes, there should be a short email description with a list of tokens in the Details section then. We’ll try to make the UI less confusing and simplify the email customization.

The Order Completed email in HivePress Marketplace is sent to sellers, while WooCommerce has buyer-only emails (it has no multi-vendor features by default, these are added via HivePress).

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