How to customize the Add Listing page template


I want to customize the add listing page. Can you tell me which file path it is in?

This file has this path /hivepress/includes/templates/class-listing-submit-details-page.php

But it is not recommended to make changes in HivePress core files directly as any changes will be erased on update. Please try to use HivePress hooks to make advanced customization Home | HivePress Hook Reference . Here is a tutorial Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube
For example, for add listing page you can try to use this hook hivepress/v1/templates/listing_submit_details_page


Your plugin is nice though. A product whose support is late will lose a lot of customers. First of all, it’s worth mentioning…

I already found the file. And I tried to edit. There are big problems with your core files.

1 - On the Add List page, the header field comes from the archive page. And I had to write a separate page of code for it. But I didn’t bother much. It remained in the archive. You have other detail pages set to get_header() .

2- There was a problem with jquery.min.js. I thought this problem was caused by my theme. Even though I tested all jquery versions, there is still a problem.

This is the problem,

When I filled the entire review, comment, submit request form it was successfully submitted from the form. Awaiting review alert appears. But it doesn’t drop anywhere in the wp admin panel.

And the error in the console shows the jquery.min.js error again.

So, it is very helpful for you to fix this jquery error.

I came up with a solution for this. I’ve set all forms review fields to display : none. And I presented such an image by adding a phone under the dealer area.

And the most important problem is the list submission is not working…

If you wish, I can send you the site name and wp information privately.

Kind regards.

Thanks for your feedback. Please make sure that the WordPress installation is not broken and there are no specific settings or server-side solutions that may cause these form issues. If all the forms were broken by default after the installation, there would be dozens of bug reports about this within a day. You can also send temporary WP access to and I can try to detect this issue further, but I highly recommend testing this with another hosting provider or locally first

Based on the support tickets, 90% of issues are resolved after deactivating third-party plugins, for example caching and security plugins may cause issues like this if their setup conflicts with HivePress. Please let me know if you also tried disabling plugins.

  1. The archives title can be added if you use a SEO plugin, they may not detect the static Add Listing page and add the blog archives title automatically. You can also try refreshing permalinks in Settings/Permalinks section.

  2. We load the jQuery file provided by WordPress core, we don’t load custom jQuery files or versions so it should be ok by default (this is the way recommended by WordPress).

Hope this helps.

Hello sir,

I sent you a private e-mail upon request. Please check your email.

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