How to customize the booking details form

Is there a way to customize this page, i mean add more fields or text like “this pay will be secured” etc before the checkout.

I also added a tax in woocommerce and is showing the total with the tax included in this page. I would like to show the total with taxes only in the checkout proccess.

Yes, please try adding booking attributes in Bookings/Attributes and mark them as Editable. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to customize the total price in this form because it fetches the amount from the same source (it pre-adds the booking product to cart and fetches its total).

Thanks Ihor. One more question about the custom tax i added in Woocommerce. When the payment is received by Stripe and then is sent to the vendor when they complete a service, Stripe will send the tax ammount? or the tax ammount stay in my account.

This depends on settings in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Selling, there’s a checkbox “Include taxes in the balance calculations”.

Perfect Ihor, so do i enable “Include taxes in the balance calculations” in the settings and Stripe should not transfer the tax amount?

If you uncheck this option then yes, vendors will get the amount excluding taxes (and the commission fee that you set).

Thanks Ihor, flawless support as always!

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Hello again team. I added the custom attribute to display a custom text, but it is a text field. Is there a way to add only a note just above the “i agree to the terms…”? Like the image below but without the market field?


In our extension, each attribute is an additional field.

You can add this text using a PHP snippet or create a template for this page in HivePress > Templates.

Thanks for your answer Andrii. Do you have a php snippet that i could use for this text?

Please try this PHP snippet

			$form['fields']['_terms']['description'] = 'Custom text';
		return $form;
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Thanks Yevhen, just what we needed!

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