How to develop a mobile app for HivePress

Hello, i want to do an ios/android app with your back end! My current theme is experthive and I would like to have some detailed guidance to develop the app with my team who’s required from me API keys to start.


The easiest way is wrapping your website using WebView How to Turn Your WordPress Website into a Mobile App but I’m not sure if AppStore accepts WebView versions, Google Play should be ok.

Another way is creating a custom app from scratch (e.g. using React or Flutter), and using REST API to send requests from the app to your WordPress as a backend. Unfortunately there’s no 100% REST API endpoint coverage in HivePress yet, but all the actions you see on your site are available as REST endpoints, e.g. updating profiles, listings… Also, you can use WP REST API endpoints as a fallback but this requires extra code.

Hope this helps.

Perfect, which end points doesn’t cover Hivepress?

Please check the available endpoints here HivePress REST API There are also undocumented ones (basically any form you see on your site has a REST API endpoint where it sends requests on submission). Any other REST API endpoints can be checked here Reference | REST API Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources Also, if your developer is familiar with WordPress development it’s possible to add custom endpoints.

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