How to display all listings on page

Hi guys. This is my first post and I’m very new to WP in general. I hope somebody can help me fairly urgently.

I need to make an online directory listing people offering a therapist service. This will be the only service offered. So instead of having different categories to click on before the listings are displayed, I want the therapists displayed straight on the home page and then one can click on them to view their full profile. Can this be done with hivepress? Thanks in advance.

Yes you can do this! I am not sure if I edited my page via the pages tab first and directly deleted those sections I did not want there.

Either way go here, this may help:

Go to Appearance/menus and customize your home page there. Or you can edit live on page under Appearance/customize/menus, and just delete or add what you do not want in the home page.

Please create a new page in WordPress/Pages, and select it as a Listings Page in HivePress/Settings/Listings; this page will display all listings then. You can also add it to the main menu in Appearance/Menus.

Thanks for the response! I have looked around there but dont see anything that will help me with listing display :confused:

Thanks for the response! I used this idea and selected Home Page as Listings Page which gave me the required results. So simple :smiley:

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