How to display both an hourly rate and a daily rate in a marketplace listing

I would like a listing to display both the options to rent hourly or daily. Is this possible?


Unfortunately, it’s not possible. You can set different rates in different categories (e.g., hourly booking in one listing category and daily in another) but it’s not possible to show the daily and hourly rate for the same listing.

Is this something that could be programmed in as an extra? Alternatively can you think of a work around for this?


Please provide more details on what exactly you mean by display. Each listing can use time-based or daily bookings; unfortunately, it is not possible to combine them in one listing.

hi, thank you for getting back to me. I am wanting to be able to offer booking either daily or hourly in the same listing but I think you are saying this is not possible. If that is the case could this be added for a fee?


Unfortunately, this cannot be added in this version because it would require a complex rewrite of the framework.

ok, thanks for your help though

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