How to edit Post a Request form, footer background and site logo appearance

  1. I want to edit the “post a request” form. I want to put something else in place of “Title”. like “what do you need done?” since i can’t edit that in Request > Attributes.

  2. I edited my footer background using this code:
    background-color: your-color;
    and got this

Now i want to change the color of the text to “white” to make it readable. how do i go about it?

  1. I want to change the way my Site Logo Appears on mobile phone. the logo appears to be at the left side with the menu at the right. i want the logo at the center and the menu at the left hand side.

and also i want to know if i can reduce the size of my logo with custom code because it appears big on laptop even when i upload a small logo size from my media.

  1. Is there a way to enable automatic payment to users without doing it manually Because Stripe Connect isn’t available in my country.



  1. Please try this PHP snippet:
	function( $form ) {
		$form['fields']['title']['label']='custom text';

		return $form;
  1. You can try this CSS snippet to change the font color:

.site-footer {color:#fff!important}

  1. It’s possible, but this would require CSS tweaks to target a specific screen size.

  2. Sorry, there’s no alternative to Stripe Connect yet for automatic payouts, but please let me know if you’re aware of any other marketplace payment solutions available in your country and we’ll consider integrating it.

Please note that while we sometimes share common code snippets that may be useful to others, customizations are beyond our support scope Support Policy | HivePress We have a collection of code snippets that you can use to adjust the built-in functionality Search · user:hivepress · GitHub

Hope this helps.

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I want you to understand that, if i had vast knowledge in CSS, PHP i won’t purchase any of the theme in the first place. rather I’ll create my own theme. you can’t just ask me to add PHP snippet or CSS without telling me how to do it because the tutorials on YouTube is different from what we see when trying it out ourselves. at least try to make things easier for people with no coding experience. Now back to the questions i asked.

  1. where and how do i post those PHP snippet you suggested. is it here?

  2. like said earlier i want to change my footer background from white to another color and you suggested this code

background-color: #303030;

but after i used it, the text were covered and now i want to change the color of the text. please can you share the CSS code were i can change the background color and text together?

  1. can you please share the CSS tweaks because most users use phone

  2. My Country supports Paystack


Sorry for the inconvenience, customizations are beyond our support scope but if there’s a common snippet that may help others we post it, or add it to our collection Search · user:hivepress · GitHub Some snippets become deprecated as we add more features that cover the functionality or changes related to a snippet. Please check our help center, we have instructions for adding code snippets How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center

  1. Yes, you can set the snippet name and paste the code.

  2. Please try adding the CSS snippet suggested above, it should change the base footer font color (in addition to the background CSS you’re using).

  3. The default mobile header layout doesn’t seem to be broken in any way, e.g. it doesn’t overflow the width and all the elements are minified (e.g. mobile menu shows the familiar “burger” icon). Changing the position of some specific elements or other customizations beyond the available styling options requires CSS code snippets, if these specific changes are required please consider hiring someone via Fiverr or Upwork

  4. Thanks, if it has a solution for mass payouts we’ll consider adding it to Marketplace as an automatic payouts option.

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