How to edit the list a service form?

  1. I would like to include few more options in the list a service form.
  2. Same as in the user settings, could I able to change the user settings page.

Please share more details about the required changes, do you mean adding custom fields to the listing edit and user profile forms?

I would like to redesign the service page like the below image(image 02). There I should include the default service page functions like a search bar, filter bar and service list (image 02).

Kindly share the shortcode for the search bar and filter bar separately to create a new service page.

Need the same above details for the vendor page too. kindly help us.

Please try using the Templates feature for this, here’s an example of creating a custom Listings template Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube This way you can re-build any template with blocks, shortcodes are not required in this case.

Hi Ihor,

I am not clear on the above-mentioned youtube video tutorial. I just want to add the ‘listing-filter’ widget on the page (

I just, need the ‘listing-filter’ widget shortcode or the snippet to add on the page. I am really struggling to fix this small thing, kindly help with this.

If you want to build a custom Listings page there’s no way to do this with shortcodes. Please try following this video step by step Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube This way you can create a template that will override the default Listings page layout, this way you can add the search filters form and all the other blocks available in this template, and set any custom layout this way or add custom content.

I have create an listing page, kindly tell me where can I get this page in website. I have create an page but don’t know how to call them in website.

This is the screenshot of the web page. The listing page looks the default one the changed page will not reflect. kindly help us.

It seems that you created a template for “Listing” - it’s a single listing page, not the listing search page. Please try adding a template for “Listings” instead Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

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