How to enable merchant ability?


I have a project where I aim to build a marketplace for goods using (complex?) user roles.

The main questions I’m having, is whether HivePress is able to adapt to custom user roles, and second, if it’s possible to integrate a “credit balance” system in to HivePress.

User roles:

  1. Admin
  2. Seller
  3. Buyer
  4. End user

User role 3, would be, say a person who wants to assign/gift 4) end user a X amount of balance for later use. End user can use the balance, but 3) Buyer will pay it first (using WooCommerce?). End user would be already registered on the site.

Later, end user. can use the credits to buy what ever the 2) sellers (vendors) have listed on the marketplace.

Is this possible?


In the current version, this would require a custom implementation. We plan to add the ability to pay using the website account balance (currently only vendors have this balance but they can only request a payout), adding an option to top up the balance of another user by buying a listing or via another way would still require customizations though.

Thanks @ihor, seems like I’ll have to investigate this further. What, if you have any solutions in mind, would you suggest to start with? Simply custom (PHP) development with WooC?

The easiest way is probably using some wallet extensions for WooCommerce that allows transferring funds between user wallets, and integrating it with HivePress. Please check some solutions on WooCommerce marketplace or CodeCanyon, if there’s an extension that has the described functionality then the only requirement is probably integrating it into the HivePress account page and other templates.

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