How to enable more variations of "promote listing" option?

I have a real estate listing website that I used Hivepress for.

When you go into the hivepress plugin there are two options:

A) you can make a listing that is not promoted and set how many days you want it to appear
B) you can set a number of days a listing is promoted at the top of the page

So based on that you can create only 2 different products to sell to people who use the website.

What if I wanted to sell two products:

one that promotes for 15 days and the other that promotes for 30 days? Is that possible in hivepress?

Thank you

Yes, it’s possible if you use the listing packages (each package has an option to enable the Featured status), but if you mean selling the featured status separately there’s no such option at the moment, there’s only a single duration in days.

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