How to find all the listing in the WooCommerce product sections


I can find all the listing in the WooCommerce product sections. However, when I want to display the product using WooCommerce layout, there’s no hp listing available. Is this because the WooCommerce products and hp listing is not fully tally?

maybe do you mean in the frontend WC /shop listing,
because in the admin backend HP_listing create woocommerc product as child-parent relation and you can see it, even though its not good for performance, wasted query, bloated databas size and efficiency…
hope in future hivepress matketplace optimize this field,
or at least simplest way to support frontend direct submit to WC product,
it will open alot benefit and possiblity



Yes, that’s right, by default, HivePress does not require WooCommerce and can work without it. However, if you use the Marketplace extension, WooCommerce is required, because when you create each listing, after you set the price, a hidden WooCommerce product is automatically generated. Thank you for your feedback, we will try to optimize this in the next updates.

Is there other alternative? I just want the WooCommerce product have the image of the hp listing.


Sorry, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Hidden WC products are created automatically by the Marketplace for checkout purposes. The listing details are not synchronized with the products (for example, images, etc.), only the title and price. Also, HivePress does not use WC product layouts; they are created automatically with the hidden mark (hide in search/catalog).

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