How to Fix Destination Folder Already Exists Error in WordPress

About 2 years ago I’ve installed Listings Hive (free) on my WP site but it doesn’t seem to work any longer. Instead I’m being asked to install one of the “official themes”, which seem not to include Listings Hive any longer. So I’ve got to purchase one of the paid options now?


The theme is still working and supported.

Please provide us with more details, and we will try to help you (if there is confidential information, you can send an email to

well, I had actually installed ListingsHive but it’s somehow disappeared and WP changed to the default theme. Now I’m getting the messages that Hive Press is not being supported by the current (default) theme and I should instead use one of the official themes. There, I’m being offered ExpertHive, TaskHive, RentalHive, JobHive and ListingsHive. But when I try to re-install ListingsHive through WP I’m getting the message that the file already exists (?) and that the installation of ListingsHive 1.2.7. has failed.


This is a known issue due to a file conflict. Please check this tutorial How to Fix Destination Folder Already Exists Error in WordPress

thanks a lot! i managed to upload/reinstall the theme manually and now it all works properly again!

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