How to get images by the listing ID?

I am created a custom function to get the listings post using WP_Query. And i want to get the listing images. what is the meta_key for it?

Because if i am using “listing_images” meta_key, listing images have not shown.

The easiest way is creating a listing model object:


And then:


If you want to do this on the WordPress level, it’s possible if you query all image attachments of the listing, but also filter them by the meta_key hp_field which equals to images.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the response.

I am using above code but this is not working in wp_query getting latest 3 listing post.

The suggested code line is not a query for multiple listings, it can be used if you already have a listing ID or post and you can convert it into a listing object instead (to get the image URLs or any other listing field directly).

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