How to hide the "Location" text in listing view page

How to change the “Description” text in the lisitngs view page. Not possible with loco translate


Can you provide us with a screenshot of the text that you want to change? Also, please mention the theme that you are using.

Here is a screenshot. I am using rentalhive

Please let me know where this title appears, on a single listing page? There’s no such title by default Room with a sea view – RentalHive Maybe you built a custom listing template in HivePress/Templates, if so then you can edit this title directly in the editor.

Hi @ihor Apologies for the confusion. I figured it out. How do I remove this location text? I successsfully hid the map using css code but I also want to remove the “Location” text. See screenshot.


Please try this PHP snippet (How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center):

 function( $template ) { 
  hivepress()->template->fetch_block($template, 'listing_map');
  return $template;

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