How to import vendors


I’m thinking of buying the Import plugin for a new site because I would need to create a bunch of Vendors (2000+) which wouldn’t be archivable by hand.

So my question is with this plugin would I be able to create new vendors + profile image? If yes how should the rows be calles for each inside the sheet?

Or does it only work with importing listings?

Ah just read in this topic it’s not possible yet. But I could make it work with WP All Import.

Now I’m just wondering as I have a few thousand vendors now how can I import listings to each of them?

Can I use your plugin to import listings and choose beforehand which vendor they should belong to? As I don’t see this option with WP All Import yet.

Yes, unfortunately importing vendors is not available in our extension yet, but if you use WP All Import then anything is possible since we follow the WordPress database schema for all the data. This will require some mapping of columns to fields though, depending on field names and types. Vendors are stored as custom post type “hp_vendor”, each vendor is a regular users with a linked vendor profile in WordPress/Vendors.

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