How to limit offers for vendors

I want to allow only first 5 Or 10 vendors to make offers, is that possible, because customer will get confuse after receiving so many offers.

after first 10 offers don’t allow other vendors to make offer.

please reply


Unfortunately, this feature is not available in this version, it will require advanced customization.

Just Think, If I have 1000 vendors for the same topic , assume if 500 vendor send offer to client, so it’s very difficult to take decision for client. So please provide solution, I just want to allow only first 10 or max 15 vendors to offer for request.


Unfortunately, there is no simple PHP snippet here, it will require advanced customization. But, as a workaround, you can use the Membership plan to access offers, and if one of the plans has 10 vendors, you can simply delete this plan.

Maybe I faild to explain you.

I want membership plan to allow vendors to make offers. Only paid members can make a offers, but what if I have 300 paid vendors for the same category? All vendor will send offer to client, i just want to allow only first 10 vendors to make offer, if 11th vendor try to make offer then error message should appear " Sorry you are late"

In short, after 10 offers " Make Offer" button should block for the same request.


As I clarified in my previous post that such functionality would require a custom implementation, this version of the extension does not have such a feature.

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