How to make new offer emails unsubcribable

TaskHive sends emails to vendors everytime someone posts on the job board. Is there a way to make these emails unsubscribe? I’m concerned that someone might mark them as spam or block them, and I know google has penalties for that.

Please provide as many details as possible, this way we’ll be able to quickly provide the solution or fix the issue. Let me know which email exactly you mean, is it “Listing Submitted” or “Offer Received”? Is it sent when the listing is approved, the vendor is registered, or an offer to a request is made? Have you enabled email notifications in the vendor profile settings?
We need to know which email notification causes this, then we can try to reproduce it and fix it if there’s a bug.
You can also send temporary WP access with steps for reproducing this issue via email to and we’ll check it.

In hivepress/settings/requests > notify vendors about new requests…
This feature doesnt come with the ability for vendors to unsubscribe to getting requests. Since im using Titan instead of gmail, i got an email to my gmail account (im registered as a vendor) notifying me if i want to block/spam emails from the website. If users mark it as spam, it might trigger something on googles end to send to other vendors which might lead them to penalize the website in general.

Does that make sense?

Sorry, there’s no such option at the moment but we’ll consider adding it. If you enabled global notifications about requests then all vendors are notified about every new approved request. This way a temporary solution before we added the Requests support to Search Alerts - I recommend using this extension for better adjustment and control of the request alerts (e.g. vendors can set search alerts for specific request categories this way, and unset alerts anytime).
Please let me know if the email subject of the notification you mentioned is “New Requests” or “New Offer”? Because there’s a suspected bug related to offers (not requests) and we’ve been trying to reproduce it for some time.

The message says a new request “xxx” has been submitted. Click of the following link to view it

Thanks for the details, then it’s a New Request email - unfortunately there’s no way to disable it per user at the moment, but we’ll add it to future versions. Please consider using Search Alerts as a replacement for this global notifications feature added earlier.

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