How to make only verified vendors show on vendor page

How to make only verified vendors show on vendor page ?
Or how to change default sort option on vendor page ?

newly created vendors keep showng up first and i want to hide that, I know similar topics have been created before but no proper solution. Please there must be a way :pray:

Great question. Go to the page you have created that lists your vendors >> edit that page >> click the hivepress block that has the vendors >> click the triple dot on that block >> click more settings >> check box for Display only verified vendors.

Its the default theme template for the vendors page (I didnt create it). Only Homepage shows the blocks, the vendors page doesnt show the block for vendors, so I cant do as you instructed, anyway around this ?

If you mean a block with vendors on the Home page, it’s possible to restrict vendors to verified only using the option suggested above (please edit the Home page for this).

Unfortunately there’s no such option for the vendors page yet, but you can make this a search filter by adding a custom checkbox attribute with the “verified” field name and make it searchable. This way users will be able to filter verified vendors only.

You can add the Vendor block to any page. I just created a page called Vendor and then insert that block with the setting of “show verified vendors only.”

You can also add the vendor search block. The search result will display all vendors matching.

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Ok thanks, however the filter and sorting option won’t be displayed I guess ?

It won’t be like the original vendors page but thanks for the suggestion anyway

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