How to make the size of the site header picture customized for phones

How can I make the site header picture customized for phones because the picture is too big in a phone.


Please provide more details on which theme you are using. If you have a full-size image, it is automatically resized to cover the entire header area (height or length).

The problem is shown in these pictures attached.


Please note that the header on your mobile is high because there is a lot of text, and the image covers everything in height so that there is no space and the edges on the sides are cropped because it is the logic of UI\UX design, so it is not possible to show the landscape image completely in the vertical gap.

Is the solution to this to make the picture small and lessen the number of letters?


Yes, this is possible, but it will require additional CSS tweaks using media query since these are mobile views Responsive Web Design Media Queries

Could you delete the two pictures I sent you?
It is because they include some peronal information.

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