How to make vendor featured image override user profile photo

How to make vendor featured image override user profile photo.
I upload some vendors manually from the back end with a spreadsheet plugin and I usually upload their profile images in the vendor spreadsheet to the featured image field however I think because the user profile photo is not set, the profile photo changes back to avatar randomly after some days.

Urgent, please. Days of lost work and images and I have to upload them again but if I don’t get the featured image to override it will change again.


We plan to fix this bug as soon as possible.

Also, we recommend uploading images through the user profile (vendor) as a temporary solution.

I can’t upload photos through the front end for over 300 users. please help me look into this bug and fix it ASAP, please bro

I appreciate your prompt feedback

We’ll try to release this within a week, the fix is ready but we wanted to ship a few more fixes and improvements with the next update.

Thank you very much. I understand but please confirm if it has been released because I can’t do much till it’s fixed. Is it possible for this particular bug fix to be released independently

We’ll release it as soon as it’s possible, if you get an update in Dashboard/Updates this will mean that the issue is resolved.

Ok sir

Any update on this, please?

In our last email convo, you said you plan to release it in 2 weeks.
The temporary solution you suggested cant work for me.

Can this be prioritized, please? I’ve requested it a few times.

Thanks for the support always.

Sorry for the delay, we’re doing what we can but our resources are limited at the moment. Let me know if a temporary code fix will work for you.

A temporary code fix will definitely work for me please, however kindly update us when the bug fix is released so I can delete the code to avoid conflicts and avoid increasing the size of my site.

Thank you very much

Still waiting for the code

Thank you for waiting. Please try this PHP snippet as a temporary solution.

	function($vendor_id, $value){
		$vendor = \HivePress\Models\Vendor::query()->get_by_id($vendor_id);
		$user = $vendor->get_user();
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Thank you soo much guys… Your the best :pray:t4: :pray:t4: :muscle:t4:

Will this work for multiple vendors that were created and assigned to 1 user by an admin on the back end ? Or does each vendor have to be assigned to separate individual users?

You there?

Yes, it should work, but it needs additional testing in this case

Ok thanks, The bug usually occurs after about a week, so I will update you if it works :+1:t4:

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