How to monetize in HivePress


I have created a service marketplace with the Experthive theme and Hivepress plugin, looks good in every way.

I want to keep service listings free until I reach a certain saturation threshold before charging fees. However I want to develop the monetisation features now and charge $0 for some time.

Can I I know the following.

  1. Is Hivepress already built for the following methods of monetisation - note, hourly pay not suitable for my market,
  1. membership,
  2. commissions
  3. Paid listing fees
  4. special feature fee
  5. top recommendation fees.
    This appears to be the methods abused by Hivepress
  1. If not how much would it cost to customize my website to be ready for these methods of monetisation.

Please advice.

John Wussah


In our system, you can use these extensions for monetization:

I believe this will be useful to you.

Hi Andrii

Thank you for the response to my question but I think not all my questions have been answered.

In particular, my site is a marketplace for technicians, tradesmen and handymen and I would like them to receive and accept quotes and payments to be made through the site into an escrow account until the service is satisfied with the job and then I take a commission based on the payment before releasing the balance out of escrow. This is one method of monetisation that is key to attract service requesters as the tradesmen will make sure they meet expectations before they are paid.

Could you please let me know if the Hivepress system caters for this already or whether it requires customization and if it does how much will it cost for your team to do it for my site.

John Wussah


Yes, this is possible with the Marketplace extension. You can set up payments using this doc: How to start accepting payments - HivePress Help Center. To set up a commission, please check this doc: How to set up commissions - HivePress Help Center. In order to set up payouts, I recommend checking this doc How to set up payouts - HivePress Help Center

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