How to post jobs from dashboard without account?

Obviously the goal is the get companies to create their own account and post jobs themselves.

But as my site is brand new with no jobs yet, this is a tough sell.

Companies don’t want to post their job on my site if their are no job seekers. And no job seekers will visit my site of there are no jobs!!

So I want to get the ball rolling and start uploading jobs myself.

I’ll take the job postings from the company’s website or other job boards.

But the problem is, if I want to post a job, I have to create a new account for each new company.

Because if I post a job from my admin account, that works, but then the company name is my account name (and with my account picture!).

So basically what I’m asking is, is there a way for me to post many different companies and jobs from my admin account?

If not, I have to create a new email account and new account on my website for each new company I want to post, and that would be a super long process.

Hopefully there’s a way around this…


You can create different companies in WordPress/Companies and then assign listings when you add them in WordPress/Listings to the corresponding companies. Another and probably more reliable way is registering via the incognito mode as a new user, filling the company profile, adding jobs etc. Then there will be a separate user for each company.

“You can create different companies in WordPress/Companies and then assign listings when you add them in WordPress/Listings to the corresponding companies.”

Yes, I tried this already but it’s not a viable solution because then every job posting comes from my account. That means the job and photo will have my information on it rather than the actual company where the job comes from.

Ok, so it looks like making a new account for each company is the only way to do it. It will be quite a lengthy process though because I’ll also have to create a new email address for each new company!

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Yes, creating separate accounts is the best way but if you add companies manually via back-end you can assign them while adding a new listing, and the name/image or this company should be displayed, not your profile image. This issue may occur only for the first company from the list (since it’s in sync with your profile details).

Hmmm, I’m not sure I follow. Because I tried this already but each new job I posted had my profile image and said my account name where it should have said the company name.

And then when I tried to change the company to the real company name, it changed my account name too.

Also, I created a company but even after I changed the job to the correct company name, it didn’t link back to that job. What I mean is when I went to the companies tab and clicked on that company, that newly created job didn’t show up (because the job was made under my account)

Please let me know if you changed the company for a listing when adding it via back-end (in WordPress/Listings)? There’s a drop-down where you can select the company, it’s not available when adding listings via the front-end form.

Oh, thank you. Not sure how I missed that the first time. That worked for me.

One more question. Let’s imagine I there is a company called ABC company and I post one of their jobs on my site.

And then I contact ABC company and ask them if they want to join the site.

When they join my site and make an account, they have to put in company info.

But since I already put the company on my page and attached some jobs to it, when they sign up there would now be two of the same company in the companies section. And only one of those would link to the jobs I posted (the one I made).

What would be the best way to handle this? Is there a way I can transfer the jobs and company listing to that company (instead of it being attached to my account)?

If you add companies manually via the back-end, the easiest way would be asking them to register as a user, then editing the company profile in WordPress/Companies and re-assigning it to this newly registered user. If I remember correctly, all the linked listing should be re-assigned automatically, but I recommend testing this workflow.

A more reliable way would be registering a separate user for each company (e.g. via Incognito mode in the browser, adding job listings etc) and then just providing credentials for this user account when companies agree to join the site.

Hope this helps.

I appreciate it. I’ll give it a shot

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