How to remove a page title (Navigation Title) from the Header?

#1 | How to remove a page title (Navigation Title) from the Header?

#2 | How to Customize (Or Remove) Header from Specific Page?

#3 | How to set custom profile attributes for a specific Category of Vendors?

#4 | How to Charge a Vendor to acquire a specific Category Attribute?

#5 | How to restrict content based on Vendor Category?

Struggling to get my site finalized, would love some help. Thanks guys!


  1. Please try this CSS snippet:
    .header-hero–title {display:none!important}
  2. If you add a Read More separator to the page content, anything above it will be displayed within the header section.
  3. Please add attributes in Vendors/Attributes, if you assign an attribute to some category (while editing an attribute) then it’ll appear for this category only.
  4. If you mean Paid Listings, there’s no such feature at the moment.
  5. This would probably require customizations, vendor categories can be used for displaying vendors, and category-specific fields and search filters (attributes).

Awesome ihor, thanks a lot that helped a bunch!

Few more questions:
#1 | Are you able to manually approve a specific category of listings (or listings from a specific Vendor Category?)

#2 | Are you able to remove the Stripe Connect requirement for some Vendor Categories (or Listing Categories)? Some of our “Vendors” only require “Send a Message” feature & have no need for payment.

#3 | We have a listing attribute where Vendors can embed Videos. Anyway that we can set the size of these embedded videos?

#4 | I recently setup 3 packages (as specified in video) & when Vendors click “Add a listing” it automatically goes to the normal listing creation process as opposed to displaying the 3 packages. At the end of the process, the package is displayed & when they click on it an error pops up saying “Nothing has been found”.

Thanks in advance for your help!

  1. It’s only possible globally (by enabling moderation in HivePress/Settings/Listings) or per attribute (if you mark a listing attribute as Moderated), currently listing moderation is not related to vendors or their categories.

  2. Currently there’s no such feature, but Stripe Connect is a pretty new feature released just a week ago so we’ll consider adding this.

  3. It’s possible, but probably requires a custom CSS snippet, but default embeds fill the width of the parent HTML container.

  4. Please try refreshing permalinks in Settings/Permalinks, then try testing the listing process, the Select Package step appears after the Add Details one.

Hope this helps.

Hey ihor, thanks again you’re amazing!
Two more questions just to expand a bit more.

#1 | How can I disable Stripe connect entirely so that my Vendors don’t have to connect Stripe to create a profile/post listings? Basically restoring it to the same situation that was their before I connected Stripe.

#2 | We’re looking to implement a paid option for Vendors that restricts specific pages, attributes, & listing categories. I understand you can’t monetize the listing creation process with the “membership” feature but we don’t want to have to charge our members twice (Both for page access & listing creation)… Would the following workaround be possible? Create a “free listing package” & restrict it’s creation page to members only? That way, only members can access the page to create that specific listing package & they also get the rest of the access + viewable attribute benefits.

Once again, thanks in advance!

No worries, I’m glad I could help.

  1. You can simply un-select it in HivePress/Settings/Payouts/Payout System drop-down.

  2. Unfortunately there’s no way to combine both extensions this way, these are different monetization models. There may be a workaround if you link a listing package and membership plan to the same WooCommerce product, then paying for the listing package will also trigger membership and vice versa.

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Hey ihor,
awesome thanks, resolved the Stripe difficulty!
Purchased a membership plan to follow-up with the above goal, although I can’t seem to find a way to restrict specific pages.

#1 | How do I restrict a specific page? For options, it’s only giving me the pages that are in my header’s navigation.

#2 | Is it possible to replace these Icons with images or uploaded icons?

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Yes, it is possible to restrict pages from WordPress/Pages for a plan. Also, there is the possibility to restrict access to, for example, a single listing page or single vendor page. Please check this possibility in HivePress/Settings/Memberships/Restrictions sections

  2. Sorry, there’s no such option at the moment - replacing icons with images would require customizations. ExpertHive uses this icon set by default Line Awesome — Free Beautiful Icon Font

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