How to remove booking slot interval?

How do I remove booking slot interval? I do not want to see the option to set booking slot interval when I click on “List a Property” page.

Please keep in mind that I have the following:

  • RentalHive
  • Hivepress Version 1.6.16
  • Hivepress Blocks Version 1.0.0
  • Hivepress Bookings Version 1.4.11
  • Hivepress Favourites Version 1.2.2
  • Hivepress Geolocation Version 1.3.7
  • Hivepress Marketplace Version 1.3.7
  • Hivepress Messages Version 1.3.0
  • Hivepress Reviews Version 1.3.0
  • Hivepress Social Login Version 1.0.1

Please check this topic - How can I set a default value for a listing attribute and hide it from listing creation - #8 by tomp

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