How to remove keywords from the search filter?

Hello! Again, thank you so much for all your support. It really is a quality service!
Please how can I hide this feature just there in search/filter? I want to keep the listing form for internal management, but I don’t want users to filter by keyword on the search page:


If you added this field as a custom attribute, go to Listings > Attributes and uncheck the Filterable (Display in the filter form) feature in the Search section.

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Hello Andrii! I didn’t add. This is the TAG field. I only renamed it. Sorry, I hadn’t made that clear. As it is the TAG field, I do not have access to remove it from the search. Can you help me, please? (:

Please try the same snippet but with “tags” or “listing_tags” instead of “price” Remove the price range search filter for listings #hivepress #marketplace · GitHub

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