How to remove non-built-in attributes that disappeared during demo content import

I’m having a problem creating expert ads.

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  1. When creating advertisements on the site, 5 attributes are displayed, but in the theme settings, only 3 attributes are created. I don’t know how to remove 2 that are not in the settings.

My guess as to how this happened. Once I installed the theme, I started testing it using the video instructions. I may have created 1 or 2 attributes. Then I decided to import the demo content. I think the demo content replaced the attributes I created manually. But the old attributes were not deleted.

Question: how to remove unnecessary attributes that are not visible in the admin panel? Is it possible to delete them using phpmyadmin? Or maybe there is a more convenient way?

Topic: ExpertHive


Please check the solution in this topic Customizing, adding and deleting sections of the attributes

​I hope this is helpful to you.


This is not a solution to my question. My question is why my ad form is not the same as on the demo site. I need a form like this: Sign In – ExpertHive

But mine is different:

In attributes, I don’t have these settings:

Due to the fact that there is a “Price” item that I cannot remove in the attributes, the site displays incorrect data.

This is a plugin bug that appeared when importing data.


Please note that the Location and Price attributes are built-in, and removing them will require actions described in the topic I sent you earlier in the message.

But you don’t have these attributes on your website?

I just need a form like the one on your site. there is no “Price” option

Can you clarify in which table in phpmyadmin the attributes are located?


To remove this field, you need to disable the Geolocation extension or add a PHP snippet.

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