How to remove or customise the Woocommerce cart page when product cannot be purchased?

I am using a third party plugin (Paid Memberships Pro) to give my site a subscription functionality so that certain subscriptions allow users to post a certain amount of listings in a certain amount of time, such 1 per day.

What is happening is that once the limit is reached, the product can still be seen and attempted to be purchased, but, instead of a successful purchase, users are taken to the direct Woocommerce Cart page, and it does not look good. Also, on the cart page, the product that cannot be purchased is shown with “read more” instead of an “add to cart” message like other products.

I want to hide this page (and ideally all of Woocommerce’s direct shop, cart and product pages) so users cannot see the wooocommerce side.

I tried by deleting the Woocommerce Cart page but when the user tries to buy the product they cannot buy, instead of showing the cart page, they are shown a “Nothing found - Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms.” page.

Is there a way to hide either this page or the cart page and show a custom page telling the user the item could not be purchased because their limit has been reached?


Unfortunately, we can’t give you more details as we haven’t tested this plugin with WooCommerce, I recommend contacting the support of this plugin, they may have a solution.

I used this tutorial to help me customize my cart page

there are also a lot of plugins that can do the job for you, but all of them cost $$

Hello Andrii
Thanks for your reply but actually, Hivepress has a tutorial on how to add paid listing packages, which require using Woocommerce at the same time, so I think actually Paid Listings and Woocommerce is supposed to work together. Here is the tutorial: How to monetize featured listings - HivePress Help Center

In any case, I have already asked woocommerce about this too.

Hi thefourcraft,
Thanks for suggesting the video, it seems helpful for other purposes, but I think for my purposes, it is different. I am not simply looking to create a visually customised cart page, but to create a totally different page to fully replace the cart page when the customer accidentally lands on it for some reason.