How to Remove Page Header Title

Hello, is there a way to hide the Page header Title? I tried a few css codes but nothing did the job…

So basically I would like the title that is inside the pink area not to show for readers, but keep as title for seo and so on… Thanks!

If it is a page in the Pages section then please try this CSS snippet but please note that it can require further customization. Please change word number in page-id-number on the page id. If you are not familiar with the code customization then please consider hiring someone for custom work

.page-id-number .entry-title{
    display: none !important;
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Thanks @yevhen it worked! Is there a way to apply this to all pages at once or must be done page by page? thanks!

Please try this CSS snippet instead:

.header-hero--title {display:none!important}

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