How to remove the "ADDED ON 'DATE'" from listings

Hi people,
it is possible this specific subject was treatd before, but I can’t find it.
I’m trying to get rid of the ‘ADDED ON XXXXX’ string that shows on the front page and on the listing page. I tried some CSS but it does not work, or maybe it is not the correct string.

.hp-listing__details .hp-listing__details--primary {display: none}

.hp-listing__created-date .hp-listing__date .hp-meta {display: none

.hp-listing__created-date {display: none}
.hp-listing__date {display: none}
.hp-meta {display: none}
.hp-listing__meta {display: none}
.hp-listing__time {display: none}

.hp-listing__created-date .hp-listing__date .hp-meta {display: none}

I tried them separetely, all together, one at a time, no luck.

Glad if you can help.


Hi. Try this CSS:

.hp-listing--view-block .hp-listing__created-date,
.hp-listing--view-page .hp-listing__created-date {
  display: none;
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thanks very much. It works

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