How to Request extension work

I’m using ListingHive theme and I’m interested in Request extention but I would like to know how it work for that theme. The questions that I have are the followings:

-When the request plugin is activated does a new button or something like “make an offer” appear on a listing, even those already placed, that the buyer can see directly on the listing?

-Where can the seller to whom the offer is made see it?

-By accepting the offer, with the marketplace plugin, can the purchase be finalized directly?

The questions are made because all the tutorials I found are for other Themes like TaskHive o RentalHive but I need it for ListingHive.

Thank you


Please note that this extension is not attached to listings. They are separate, and as soon as you activate it, you will have a Post a Request button in the header, through which you can add it, and other vendors will be able to submit an offer for it, after these actions, you will be able to pay for this offer, and they will do their job please check this overview You can also test this extension at this link:

I believe this will be useful to you.