How to sell with a price per night and a price per person

Hi all, I’m currently stuck moving forward on my site. I created a rental page and an activity sales page (like a ticket office, example: horseback riding), my problem is as follows:

  • I need to set a price per night on the rentals page (which does not multiply, if we are 2-3-4 people depending on what accommodation can accommodate)
    a price per person (which multiplies) on the activities sales page.
    Today I can’t choose, it is configured throughout the site. Either everything multiplies or it’s a fixed price.
    Ideally I would like to choose in which categories I want the prizes to multiply and in which categories they do not multiply. Do you have an idea ? Thank you in advance :pray:


Sorry for the delay. There’s no such option yet, if you enable the Guests (Places) feature it’s enabled for all listings, making it category-specific would require a custom implementation.