How to send emails in different scenarios

Hi there,
I am wondering how to send emails only in certain scenarios.
Right now vendors can automatically or manually accept bookings, depending on their choice.
However, when someone books a listing that has automatic acceptance, they get all the emails that someone would get if they just request a booking.

How can I filter these so that the order received and booking confirmed emails only get sent in the case of a manual acceptance?

In the automatic scenario above, as a vendor I get

  • Booking Confirmed
  • Order Received

and as a user/client I get

  • Booking Confirmed
  • WooCommerce (in my case Brevo) order processing email

I would like to only send the Booking Confirmed and the order processing in this case.


Yes, in this version, the Booking Confirmed email is general regardless of whether it’s a request and payment or just a payment, but we will try to improve this in future updates. Also, please note that there is also a Booking Accepted email and it is specific to those who have been approved. As a workaround, we recommend that you try to configure the email in WooCommerce > Emails (specifically for Booking Confirmed, etc.), as WooCommerce sends the order emails.

Yes, but the vendor still gets the order received message and the client still gets the booking confirmed message in the case of a booking that got paid at the same time (e.g. did not have manual accepting). No way to filter them out?
Otherwise I have to discuss if we have to remove the manual approval step (is there a way to do that, I think so but don’t remember).


Please provide more details. Do you mean that you receive the same email when you pay for a booking without approval immediately, or when you approve it and then pay immediately, or just a booking that does not require payment? If I understood you correctly, then yes, the same email is sent there. Let us know if something is not working correctly, and we will try to help.

They receive the emails you would normally get for a request also for a reservation that had no manual accepting step in between. So they get like 2 or 3 emails at once, which seems a bit too much. We will force automatic acceptations for now assuming that there is no snippet or something to filter out the Hivepress emails for the automatic accepting cases?


Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand what exactly the issue is. Do you mean that you need to disable one of the emails?

The problem is that I cannot mix the mode of manual and automatic request acceptations from the vendors side.

In the manual mode, I need emails such as the Order Received and Booking Confirmed, as otherwise the vendor has no idea that he has a pending order that he needs to accept and the client has no idea that he needs to pay after the booking is confirmed by the vendor.
However, if the vendor accepts bookings automatically (has not activated manual accepting of bookings), he still gets these emails in addition to an Order Processing from WooCommerce.

I do need the order processing email as it has more instructions and therefore vendors and clients get spammed when they have an automatic booking, with receiving 2-3 emails at once (in addition to an calendar invite that we have automated).

This could be solved by a filter that does not send unnecessary Order Received and Booking Confirmed emails in the case of an automatic booking (no manual accepting from the vendor).

Hope this clarifies it?


I’m sorry, but there must have been a misunderstanding. We have two workflows on how it works:

  1. Manual: A booking is created with a pending status, and then an email is sent to the vendor stating that the booking was requested. After that, the vendor confirms the booking, and the customer receives a Booking Accepted email or a Booking Canceled email (if the vendor has not confirmed). If the booking was paid, the customer needs to pay for it, and he or she will receive the Booking Confirmed email. If the customer hasn’t paid and a certain number of days has passed, which is specified in the settings, the booking will be canceled automatically.

  2. Automatic: A booking is created, then it is redirected to the payment page, and upon payment, the booking gets the status of confirmed, or if the customer has not paid, the booking remains in the status of unpaid and will be automatically canceled after a certain period of time.

Please provide more details on what exactly you want to change in these workflows and we will try to help.

What currently happens in the 2. Automatic setup is that following:

Vendor gets the Booking Confirmed AND the Order Received email at the same time. The order received email is unnecessary in this case.

Client gets Booking Confirmed AND WooCommerce Order Pending Email (here I can delete the booking confirmed email as it is covered by WC).

So it boils down to the Order Received vendor email.


If you mean our email, you can turn it off using this doc How to disable emails - HivePress Help Center. Or, if you mean WooCommerce email, you can disable it in the WooCommerce settings.