How to send sms/email with each chat request?

How does a seller/owner know that he received a message? For I do not receive emails in the tests that I do. And every email I receive from the site, goes to spam. Is it possible to make an integration with twilio or some email platform (to send an sms to each first contact via chat? For without this possibility I find it impossible to conclude a lease / purchase.

Please try setting up SMTP or link your site with a trusted email service (e.g. Gmail or SendGrid), then the outgoing emails should be delivered without any issues WP Mail SMTP by WPForms – WordPress plugin |

Ok sms is not possible?

But is it possible that a seller receives an email when a customer asks a question on the site via chat?

Yes, there is a “success” message to let the sender know that it is sent, and notifications for the recipient (both in the site header and via email).

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