How to send the message your listing has been rejected?

Hi, as you can see in the image,

  1. the system not show me the option to rejected a listing and send an email, i only have option to mark as draft and review listing .

“Hi, %user_name%! Unfortunately, your listing “%listing_title%” has been rejected.”

what can i do?

  1. Also is it possible send to email an explanation about the rejected listing? what do you suggest in this case?

Thanks for the support

  1. Listing is rejected if it has been trashed in Listings in WordPress dashboard and there is the default email that is sent to the listing owner if the listing rejected

  2. Unfortunately, there is no such possibility to add an explanation for each rejection. But it is possible to edit a rejection email in HivePress/Emails and set some default explanation. Here is a tutorial How to customize emails - HivePress Help Center

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