How to seperate register/sign up from add listing?

I have a couple of questions:
How can I stop the ‘create account to add listing’ type of thing? I want to have the add listing seperate from making an account.

And I want to change the requirements of registering for an account (additional information), how can I do this? Do I need to use a seperate plugin like buddypress for this?

I would like to restrict the access to most pages, so only (approved) registered member can see the listings and request. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance


  1. You cannot allow adding listings without registration because each vendor (a person who is adding a listing. By default, to become a vendor, a person should add at least one listing) gets their own user dashboard where they can edit details / respond to messages and so on. But you can enable direct registration in the HivePress > Settings > Vendors section, in that case users will be able to register as vendors without adding any listings

  2. If you mean registering for Vendors, then you can customize the registration form by adding or removing vendor attributes in the WP Dashboard > Vendors > Attributes section. But if you want to add some notes to the default user registration form, you can try using this code snipet Add description to the user registration form #hivepress #users · GitHub

  3. You can restrict access to different pages and features using the HivePress Memberships extension.

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