How to set the same height of blocks for listings?

The height of the blocks for listings have different heights depending on the length of the title. Is there any possibility for the blocks to have the same height regardless of the length of the title?

How the blocks are currently displayed:

vs example how I would like them to be displayed (screen shot taken from fiverr).

I found same topic on the forum but the link provided by andrii where it is explained how this request can be solved is not working.

Thank you!


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation. I recommend using the CSS snippets provided in this topic Change height of listing card

Hello @andrii,

Thanks for the reply! It seems it doesn’t work for me.

Sorry for the confusion, unfortunately there’s no simple solution to this, there are a few workarounds but each has some cons, e.g. making listings the same height via JS would add extra gap inside, and cropping the listing titles to the same number of lines may cut important words from the title.

Hello ihor,
Ok. Maybe a solution will be found in the future.
Tank you!

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