How to set up payments

I am really confused. I want my customers to be able to use my service and make the payment, and i want that payment to go straight into my paypal account. i cannot find this on this system. how do i set this up.

I do not want to use stripe. I want when a customer orders a service for the payment to go straight into my paypal account like my other sites have


Unfortunately, automatic payments for PayPal are unavailable now, but you can add PayPal as a payment method; please check this doc How to start accepting payments - HivePress Help Center.

What I have written is as follows, when a person visits my site and buys a service, i want the payment to go through paypal and into my paypal account and not through stripe. So, for example, if someone bought a digital product from my site, i want the payment method to come up with paypal, they then make that payment and that payment goes into my paypal account. can that happen

Yes, in this case please set up PayPal for accepting payments in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments section. HivePress is integrated with WooCommerce for accepting payments so payment gateways for customers can be set up in WooCommerce settings.

Please note that if you have a multi-vendor marketplace, processing payouts is a different workflow and depends on your choice (you can send payouts manually, or via Stripe Connect automatically - this also requires setup).

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