How to set up Social Login

Hello everyone,

I’ve downloaded and install the Social login extension. I’ve configured corretly “Facebook” and I can register by clicking on the button and connecting my FB profile. But I have a question as they dont choose a password what if they want to delete the profile where the password is requested? In yellow you see the required field I SAW THAT THERE IS ALREADY THIS POST Issues with social login and actions that require password

The other issue is regarding google. Everything looks correct there I saw video and follow a guide and seams perfect to me but when i click on the button i get redirect CORRECTLY on Google to Authenticate Myself:

then I get this error. I though that was a server error but FACEBOOK is working correctly so I think I maybe miss configured something. Anyone has the same issue?


  1. Yes, it’s a known UX issue, we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible. It’s not a critical bug but an inconvenience since users have to reset their password for password-specific actions like deleting an account or changing the email address.

  2. This doesn’t seem like a WordPress error page, please contact your hosting provider to check why they block this page, maybe their software detects URL parameters as dangerous but they are ok.

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Hi @ihor thanks for your reply and I apologize if has already been asked. I’m testing it the addons and also the new release that you guys made. Anyway I’m waiting the server teams to respond me as I tought the same :slight_smile: I’ll let you know. It may help some users.


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