How to setup direct payments

How to setup direct payments? So that Buyers can pay Vendors in cash after task has been completed


You can simply select this payout system in HivePress/Settings/Payouts, then users will only have to pay the commission fees while placing an order, and the rest can be paid in person. This payout mode works for offline services like rentals, handymen etc. where customers meet vendors.

Can i use direct payments and a third party payment system like stripe together? i.e Direct payment and Stripe

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It’s not possible in the current version, the Direct payouts mode basically disables all the payouts since you start to charge the commission fee only (via the same getaways set up in WooCommerce), and the rest is paid depending on the cutomer/vendor agreement.

Does the Buyer pay the commission fee when using the Direct Payout option? I am trying to understand how this works. Do the buyer and seller exchange funds offline, yet, the buyer or seller somehow, at some point, pays the commission fee?

With Direct payouts, the order amount just equals to the commission fee (e.g. they’ll pay $10 online if there’s a $100 order and the commission rate is 10%), then the rest is paid directly depending on how buyers/vendors communicate (e.g. if it’s a apartment rental website the rest can be paid on check-in directly).

Understood. Who pays the amount? Is it the buyer or the seller? For example, I listed an item. You want that item. You purchase that item, and it takes you to checkout. The amount due is $10.

In direct payment the buyer pays only the commission rate online (in the checkout) and pays the rest of the money for the task or order to the seller (vendor) in person. So if a listing is $100 and the commission rate is $20. The buyer pays only $20 in checkout and pays the remaining $80 to the seller (Vendor) directly after the task has been completed

In your example, that is not a commission but a deposit, correct?

Sorry I didn’t add the 20% commission earlier. So if you have a 20% commission rate on your website and the listing is $100. The buyer will pay 20% of $100 which is $20 online( in checkout) and pay $80 to the seller(vendor) in person when the task is completed. $20 goes to the website (as commission) and $80 to the seller(Vendor) after task has been completed

Understood. How do you enforce this? For example, could the buyer and seller decide to work this offline, where the seller can say to pay direct for a reduced charge of $90 instead of $100? The site loses the commission, and the seller gets more out of the deal ($90 instead of $80).

I guess there’s no easy way to enforce this, but this issue is the same with any marketplace, e.g. on Airbnb the host can lower the price (to pay a lower commission to the platform) and notify users somehow that the actual booking is more expensive and they should pay extra in person, but this would lead to frustrated users and possible ban on the platform if they complain.

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