How to start an import?

Hi. I’ve purchased and installed the Import extension. Where should I be looking to start an import of a CSV file? I’m looking in the Listings menu on both the Dashboard and front end… thank you.

Please open the Listings menu in your account on the front-end (the link should be like this your-website/account/listings). There is the button Import Listings at the bottom of this page. Please click on it and it is possible to start the import process.

Ok thank you! I have so many listings that I never would have thought to scroll down to the bottom to see the Import button.

I would also like to echo the suggestion to make an option for admins to be able to import through the Dashboard. This would allow me to have a publicly accessible spreadsheet for users to add listings… and I could clean up the data before import.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding the Import button to the WordPress back-end (probably the Tools/Import section) in the next update so admins will not have to visit the front-end to import listings.

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