How to translate WooСommerce slugs?

Hi there,
I have successfully translated most of my page, but am struggeling with certain permalinks.
The Woocommerce order and order detail slug is still in English and even after going through settings-permalinks I still have vendor/xxxx and listing/xxxx when I go to see details of a listing or vendor.
Any ideas where to fix this?

This one is also still untranslated:


You can only change slugs that are available in the settings using this How to customize URL structure - HivePress Help Center (i.e. vendor and listing). As for the internal URLs you sent in the last message, they can also be changed, but this will require PHP snippets on the routes hook. For our part, we recommend that you do not change these slug URLs, as users hardly pay attention to them.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

You mean here?

I did that but it didn’t change the slugs on the page. Is there another step I am missing?


If you have made all the changes in the permalink settings, then all other changes will require custom implementation.

Ok thanks. Maybe it only works for new users after the change?


If you have the caching set up correctly, then the changes should be reflected immediately.

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