How to use multiple subdomains correctly

Hi Support Team,

I handymanHub has now domain names for each of the following countries


  1. I have developed the website for Ghana: but now I need to expand it to Australia, and later to the US and Nigeria. The question is should I have one website and have a sub-domain approach or use the country specific urls and create websites for each of them or is there a way of blending both or other way that works best, aside the licencing issues which is my next question below.

  2. Also, can I copy from Ghana’s into Australia’s and if so how do I handle the licencing aspect, as I need to pay per site.

Please give me your best recommendation and how to go about the additional licencing arrangements.

Kind regards,
John Wussah.


Please provide more details. Do you have the same website, or will the content (for example, listings) be different? If you have one global site, then you can use the Geolocation extension, only advertise different landing pages by country if necessary. Another option is subdomains or separate domains, but if the registered users are the same for all sites, then you will have to use WP multisite. And the third option, if you have different sites, you need to buy one license for one site

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