How to use the HP templates with Elementor

How to use the templates I created in HP, for example I created “Add Ad (Categories)” and “Add Ad (Profile)”, it does not appear anywhere in Ellementor…
What is the link to “add listing?”, I’m using another menu and I can’t go back… I intend to use this link in several buttons inside the page… Thanks in advance


We currently don’t 100% support Elementor - while you can add HivePress blocks via Elementor, advanced features are not available yet. I highly recommend using the core WordPress block editor to keep the website fast and lightweight.

You can override templates in HivePress > Templates (Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube).

The link for Add Listings is /submit-listing.

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Thanks. Is there a project to have more support in Elementor? Or is this update out of the plans?

Yes, we plan to add full integration with Elementor to HivePress as soon as possible.

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