How to write a post and add specific listings

I will be writing blog posts in my website. I wonder if there is a way to show specific listings or tags using the cards layout.

Thank you for any guidance into making this possible.

Id be interested in this too


Currently, this is possible using the Lists block and the available theme settings.

Thank you andrii that’ll be interesting to see implemented. Very useful for tourism topics.

Do you think its doable borrowing code from the listings block and the search block?

If there was anything like that, say a shortcode, you’ll have to go find a listing into the database and then present a card. Which the listings block and search block perform themselves anyway only for a group of things.


You can use blocks and theme customization. If for specific listings, you can use the verified listing function, and so choose which listings to show. If the listing is by ID, then unfortunately there is no such possibility, but thanks for the feedback, we will try to add more settings.

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Thank you. I suppose for now ill just have to add links and photos :sweat_smile:

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