I can’t delete and upload images from the admin panel for listing

when a user creates an listing and adds images, when approving this listing I cannot delete those images that I would not like to display, and I also noticed that from the admin panel I cannot upload webp format images.
Previously you shared a code that allows to load webp format for users, but there is still this problem from the admin panel, how can solve these two points?


Please provide more details. Are the images not uploaded when you are using the snippet? Meaning that if you remove the snippet, everything is uploaded without any issues?

no, the code works well, and allows the user to upload an image with webp format, this problem is not related to this snippet, the problem with your plugin is that the user cannot delete images after he has uploaded them to edit listing, and that includes me as the administrator in the admin panel also cannot delete images that the user has uploaded, and I also cannot load the webp format for listings from the admin panel


If you have the possibility, please send us a screencast of your actions step by step, as we cannot reproduce the issue from our side.

1 problem from admin panel

2 problem from admin panel, just as a user add a listing on the site with pictures, in the admin panel as an administrator try to delete one or more pictures that were added and save the advertisement, you will see that after publication the pictures that you deleted are not deleted!


Regarding the deletion images from the listing, I recommend contacting your hosting provider, as they may block such requests.

We have provided you with a PHP snippet that allows you to download from the frontend. In order to upload from the backend, you need to do some detailed customization. As a workaround, we recommend setting up Litespeed or Smush, which will eventually convert everything to webp.

Thanks for answer, I also use a plugin ‘Converter for Media’ that converts source images to webp.
I use aws EC2 as a server, do you really think that there could be a reason for the problem with deleting images?


Yes, your hosting provider can block such requests.

yes, indeed it’s rule in nginx created this error(