I can't seem to get the external iCal link for my listing to populate on my Google Calendar

Just doing some initial testing here, and I can’t seem to get the external iCal link to work with Google Calendar. I’ve tried deleting the listing and creating a new listing, and it still doesn’t work. I’m using the external iCal link shown on the listing and following the instructions to import the iCal URL link in Google Calendar, but still no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Please make sure that you added it via the Other Calendars / Add by URL option, there may be an issue because Google takes some time to sync the dates, they don’t guarantee any specific time but the last time I checked this they synced new bookings within 6 hours.

I added it to Other Calendars/ Add by URL, but It’s been about 48 hours and my calendar still hasn’t synced. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

Please make sure that this listing has some blocked dates or bookings, you can also paste this link directly into a new browser tab and download the calendar, you can open it with any calendar app or as a text file to check if it contains something.

It’s blocked out on my website, but when I copy and paste the link directly into a browser and download the calendar, it’s not blocked out. It seems that for whatever reason the iCal link isn’t capturing the blocked out time. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I just noticed that when I open the external iCal link in a browser, it does load the website calendar info in my calendar app. I’m using a Mac. However, when I try to copy and paste the external iCal link into my calendar app as a new calendar subscription, it says that there’s an error subscribing to the calendar. Before, I was using only the browser Google calendar and subscribing to the external iCal URL on there, but it wasn’t working. Now I’m getting this error message when I subscribe to the external iCal URL on my calendar app. Please help! Thanks.

If it is possible please share the content of the error. It was tested locally and it seems to be ok.

Google Calendar can take a minimum of 6-8 hours to update the calendar for external links but sometimes it can take more time. This problem is not on the HivePress side

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