I don't receive emails anymore

I used to always receive emails telling me when jobs expire and new users registered. Now I log into my site and see expire jobs, but I don’t get any emails anymore.

What happened? How come I am not receiving emails anymore and how can I get them again?


There are two possible problems:

  1. Email is not set up. Please check this doc on how to set up emails - How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center
  2. The event password reset has been overwritten with an empty description in the HivePress > Emails, and therefore it is disabled.

Hope it helps.

I’m confused about point 1 because I used to get emails and I never set up emails before.

But now I downloaded the plugin YaySMTP and when I tried to send a test email, this is the message I got:

Oops! Your email can’t be sent.

What happened?
This error might be caused by:

  • Incorrect SMTP settings or Mailer configuration
  • Connection blocked by your web server
  • Connection rejected by your host (many shared hosts block certain ports)

What to do next?

  • Double check all configuration and settings
  • Try another mailer
  • Ask your hosting provider to enable your external connections

Can’t figure it out?
Please contact us to ask for help. We’ll get back to you ASAP.


WordPress: 6.2.2
WordPress MS: No
PHP: 8.0.28
YaySMTP: 2.4.8

Mailer: mail


I just contacted my hosting provider and they told me there is a suspension on my email. So I guess the issue is coming from their end. I’ll see how I can fix it.

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