I need help making a website

I need to make a website with these features: artists can register directly on the site by paying and entering their information. By registering they will then have the ability to upload their works (with attached information) within the platform. We admins will then be able to approve or reject the uploaded works. Once approved, the works will automatically place themselves within the various listings and an individual page will be created for each artist. I would also like to see the same works being voted on and a provisional ranking updated. Do you think it is possible to create this kind of site through your application? In case the answer is yes, I would like to ask if you could broadly explain the steps to do so.
Thank you.
P.S. I would like to know if Hivepress can come integrated with Elementor PRO.


  1. Yes, users will be able to register and list their works. You can charge them for adding listings.
  2. You can approve/disapprove listings
  3. What do you mean by individual pages? When artists add new listings, users will be able to click on the artist profile to see all his/her works.
  4. Users can add reviews and rate listings (works). But for “voting” (like polls) you’ll need to find a third-party plugin.

HivePress itself is 100% integrated with the native WP page builder only (Gutenberg). There’s no 100% integration yet with Elementor, but it supports HivePress blocks like Listings, Categories, etc.
We recommend using Gutenberg because third-party page builders load tons of extra scripts and styles, affecting the performance.

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