I want to change the number of listing category blocks

I’d like to change the number of listings that can be specified in the Listing Category block.
Where is the number for the list selection specified?
Also, how can I enable the selection of more than four listings through a snippet or other method?


Please check the solution in this topic Increase in the listing columns on the site - #5 by mateusz.praca.pl

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you for your response.

Regarding the “Change the columns number on the listing search page #hivepress #listings · GitHub” that you suggested, it seems to be about increasing the number of listing columns on the search page, right?

In my case, here are my concerns:

  1. I can only select up to 4 listings in the dashboard’s right sidebar list block settings. I would like to add the numbers 5 and 6. Could you point out which script is related to this?
  2. Even after making changes in the functions, I couldn’t manage to display 5 items in the added listing category block.


Sorry for the confusion. Unfortunately, there is no function because it is a feature of the CSS grid. Such changes will require a custom implementation.

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