Ical calendar synchronization

We need to sync reservations and lock/unlock dates. I’ve set the import/export URL ical and when i tested the reservation the calendar is out-of-sync.

How it works? What is the time of hook is handled?

This depends on a third-party platform you’re syncing the listings with, e.g. for Google Calendar it takes a few hours but for Airbnb it’s about 15 mins.

I’m trying to sync with Airbnb. I’ve unlocked some dates yesterday at 9:30PM on airbnb and that’s outdated until now. Where could I check the logs ?

In the current version, there’s only the “all dates available, selected dates blocked” mode, so if someone makes a booking on Airbnb or you manually block some dates there, these dates should also be blocked in the HivePress listing calendar. If you switched Airbnb to “all dates are blocked, selected dates available” mode it will not work as expected.

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